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Veterans Day is observed on November 11th each year.

Before 1954, Veterans Day was known as Armistice Day which honored WWI veterans and observed the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. The moment that fighting stopped at the end of World War One (the war to end all wars).

Congress changed Armistice Day to Veterans Day on June 1, 1954. Veterans Day honors all military personnel that serve in all branches.

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American Eagle
An American Flag and Eagle flying.
American Flag
Animated American Flag in the wind.
Veterans Day
Veterans Day in red, white and blue with animation.
Honor Your Veterans
American Flag, eagle and Honor Your Veterans.
Afghan Veterans
Thank You Afghan Veterans with flashing animation.
Veterans Day soldier
Veterans Day with an American Flag and soldier.
Veterans Day eagle
Veterans Day with American Flag plus an eagle soaring.

We Love Our Veterans
We Love Our Veterans animation in American colors.
Thank You Veterans
Veterans Day - Because Of You We Are Free!
Thank You For Your Service
Thank You For Your Service! Veterans Day
Thank a Veteran
Thank a Veteran with an American Flag background.
Thank You Veterans
Thank You Veterans with animation.
Thank A Veteran For Your Liberty with an animated frame.
Veterans Day
Veterans Day animation.
waving American Flag
Waving American Flag animation.
Desert Storm Veterans
Thank You Desert Storm Veterans with an American Flag overlay.
Veterans Day Eagle
Veterans Day with American Flag and Eagle.

remembering our heroes
Veterans Day - Remembering Our Heroes - Soldier with an American Flag.
General George Washington
One of our first veterans - General George Washington at Trenton. Artist John Trumbull - 1792.
Thank You For Your Service
Thank You For Your Service! Veterans Day with animation.
George Patton
Veterans Day - Image of Colonel George S. Patton 1919.
remember all who served
Veterans Day - Remember All Who Served with American Flag and soldier.
American Flags Veterans Day
American Flags with Thank You For Your Service and Veterans Day.
Veterans Day
Veterans Day with stars.
Veterans Day Thank You
Veterans Day - Thank You For Your Service
Veterans Day ribbon
A Veterans Day blue ribbon.

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