Free Animated Flower Gifs - Flower Graphics

This section has a ever growing and wide variety of flower clipart, photo clip art plus animated flower gifs. This page is just the beginning of our flower gifs so take a little time and look around. You might find the exact flower you seek. The flowers may be used on non profit personal and educational websites plus school projects. The list of flowers on our site is long but includes red roses, blue roses, yellow roses and black roses. Also has violets, lilies, tulips, orchids, sunflowers and more.

Free Animated Flower Gifs - Flower Clipart

red flower

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african violet clipart
Saintpaulia, also known as the African violet. Saintpaulia was discovered by, and named after, Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire. The African Violet is native to Tanzania and southeastern Kenya.
amarilis amaryllis Belladonna Lily clipart
Amaryllis, also known as the Belladonna Lily. The Amaryllis Belladonna is native to South Africa. Amaryllis is also referred to as Naked Ladies.
america revolution clipart
Hemerocallis Hybrida
American Revolution Daylily . - JPG
apple blossom clipart
Malus - Apple Blossom.

red rose
A single red rose.
daisy under the weather
Perhaps it's the pollen?
dancing rose animation
Yellow rose dancing.
small african violet
African Violets
small version of amaryllis
Belladonna Lilies
smaller version of daylilies
American Revolutions
flowers dancing animated
Animated flowers.
blue flower opening animated
Blue flower blooming.
flowers with animated butterfly
Flowers with animated butterfly.
animated pink rose
Pink Rose
smiley face flower
Smiley Flower
black rose
Animated black rose
raining on flower
Raining on flower in pot.
Animated sunflower.
flower in a can
Flower growing in a can.
blooming rose
Growing Rose
flowers with butterflies
Flowers with animated butterflies.
white flower
White Flower Blooming
animated red rose
Blooming Rose
happy yellow flower
Happy Flower
purple flower animated
Purple Flower

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Our flower gifs are free to be used to enhance your personal website. Please give credit to our site if you use our gifs or clipart. Thank You.

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