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The food images on this page are photo clipart with white backgrounds. They are not transparent like many of the .gif animations.

These food images are saved in the JPEG format. The images have been optimized for use on web pages. The animations are in .gif format.

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watermelon slice
1/4 slice of watermelon - JPEG
sweet potatos
Sweet Potatoes - transparent GIF
whole corn animated
What is under the corn husk?
carrot animated
Cool carrot on a sunny day.
movie popcorn animated
Movie popcorn.
yellow onions
Yellow Onions - JPEG
steaming hot dog
Steaming hot dog on a bun.
red pepper
Animated red pepper.

fresh leek
Fresh Leek image - JPEG
Plate of ribs and potatoes.
fresh made salsa
Fresh bowl of salsa - JPEG
chef animated
Chef hard at work.
Fresh Oranges
hamburger animation
Animated hamburger - GIF
animated fudgesicle
Eating a fudgesicle.
Atemoya Fruit

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Our food photos are free to be used to enhance your website. If you use our graphics please give us credit.
Thank You.

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Leek, salsa, watermelon, hamburgers, onions - free food clip art - food animated gifs.